Hard to believe, but the Minnesota Twins are going into their age 60 season. I thought it would be fun to come up with an all-time roster (60 man) and see who had the 60 best hitting and pitching seasons. I am using stats from Retrosheet.org, and assigning a MVP type scoring system to each player. The individual seasons will count towards each season and their career numbers, with MN, will count towards the all time Twins team. I figure it will take some time, but if I do one season a day, by the end it will almost be time for Spring training games to start!

Got through 1962 so far and here are the best for those seasons. Keep in mind, this is for all around season, and is clearly up for debate

1961: Bob Allison 420/475 possible points
1962: Rich Rollins 296/342 possible points (in 62 they only used 18 position players as apposed to 25 in 1961, therefore the possible points were lower)

1961:Pedro Ramos 423/468 possible points
1962:Jim Kaat 410/468 possible points

It's funny to see Ramos leading the team in 1961 because he lost 20 games that year, so assuming a terrible lack of run support lead to his being 9 games under .500 for the year, but lead in a lot of team categories.