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Thread: Trading starter/complete sets for starter/complete sets

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    Trading starter/complete sets for starter/complete sets

    Attention set builders! You folks know what I am saying. Is there any better way to move a lot of old stock for something that you want than to trade like value starter sets with another collector? I have had a lot of success with this in the past and want to revisit this again. I have starter/complete sets from all sports and even a few non-sports (not just where I am leaving this post) all available for trade for anything that you have that I could use. I can send you a list of stuff in my personal collection already and, anything not on the list, I would be interested in trading for. Please e-mail me at BHK5150@AOL.COM so I can send you my list. Lets trade!

    God Bless - Billy
    God Bless - Billy
    E-mail - BHK5150@AOL.COM

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    Hey Billy, please let me know if you would be interested in any of the following cards:

    2003 Playoff Prestige League Leaders GU Jersey R. Johnson #'ed 88/250
    2018 Topps Players Weekend Logo patch Kyle Seager
    2018 Topps Players Weekend Logo Patch Eric Hosmer
    2019 Topps Archives #256 L. Gurriel #'ed 74/992015 Topps #272 M. Kemp #'ed 37/50
    2019 Topps Update '84 #T84U-20 W. Buehler #'ed 16/99
    2019 Topps Update #US144 X. Bogarts #'ed 6/67
    2019 Topps Heritage #THC-456 J. Schoop #'ed 468/999
    2019 Topps Update Greatest Players #150-46 L. Aparicio #'ed 88/150
    2012 Bowman Chrome Auto #BCP100 T. Joseph
    2012 Topps Golden Moments GU Jersey A. Dunn
    2005 Topps Update All Star Stitches #ASR-LH L. Hernandez
    2019 Topps Holiday #HW85 R. Acuna
    2017 Topps #87 D. Swanson
    2008 Upper Deck #349 J. Votto
    2019 Topps '84 GU jersey #84R-AP A. Pujols
    2009 Upper Deck Spectrum GU jersey #SS-EL E. Longoria
    2014 Topps GU Jersey #TR-BB B. Boesch
    2013 Topps A&G Relic #NBR-LV L. Vonn
    2013 Topps A&G Relic #NBR-SH S. Hamilton
    2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Relic #GMR-RB R> Braun
    2013 Topps A&G Relic #NBR-MC M. Cuban
    2008 Upper Deck Piece of History GU Jersey #CSH-CH Hoffman/Cordero
    2011 Topps A&G Relic #AGR-MY M. Young
    2004 Ultra Season Crown GU Jersey #70 H. Blalock #'ed 393/399
    2015 Tops Career High GU Jersey #CHR-DN D. Norris
    2015 Topps Gypsy queen auto M. Taylor
    2012 Topps Golden Moments auto A. Lind
    2009 SP Authentic auto M. Byrd
    2014 Bowman Sterling auto F. Griffin


    1975 Topps Minis: 362/660 55% complete
    1972 Topps: 762/787 97% complete
    1971 Topps: 678/752 90% complete
    1960 Topps: 500/572 87% complete

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    Looking for lots of any size for Topps Heritage 2001-2009. I have lots from Topps Heritage 2012-2019. Do you also accept inserts? I only want set cards including SPs. Here is my list for trade:

    If that link doesn't work please let me know.
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    Hey Anglin,

    Thank you for your offer, but unfortunately I am not too well stocked on Topps Heritage.

    God Bless - Billy
    God Bless - Billy
    E-mail - BHK5150@AOL.COM

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    What are you looking for? Feel free to look at my Trade List and see if there's anything you can use. I have a ton of cards from over the years. PM works best, please.


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    Hey Paul,

    The purpose of this thread was to see if anyone would look to trade starter/complete sets they do not want for stuff I have. Its a great way to move a bunch of cards all at once and get something back that you need. I do have an Excel file that lists my personal collection. Any set not on that list I would be interested in trading for. I also have an ever changing "starter/complete sets for trade" Excel that I usually e-mal in tandem. If this interests you, by all means, please email me at BHK5150@AOL.COM and mention our post here. In the meantime I will look over your want lists on your web page and perhaps we can work on something smaller.

    Thanks again for responding to my post.

    God Bless - Billy
    God Bless - Billy
    E-mail - BHK5150@AOL.COM

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    Hey Paul,

    On the small trade front, I found an 2018 SP (#478) I respectfully offer for;

    88 Topps UK - 22, 37
    12 T - 378, 614, 655

    If this is acceptable, I will pull your card to physically confirm my inventory is correct and then post up the trade. Please let me know when your time permits. Thank you.

    God Bless - Blly
    God Bless - Billy
    E-mail - BHK5150@AOL.COM

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    Just to be curious....what type of starter sets are you more interested in? I see you said anything you dont have.....

    Any Topps Chrome starters in the 2013 and older years? I havent got an exact direction on this, I need to go thru my stuff this week to see what exact years Im going to start. Ive got a couple complete here and there...

    I collect these in this priority
    #1 Don Mattingly HAVE list
    #2 Jason Giambi HAVE list
    #3 Set needs
    #4 Bo Jackson HAVE list
    #5 Tim Stauffer HAVE list
    #6 2005 Donruss

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    Hey Crazy,

    Thanks for asking. Yes, pretty much collect anything I do not have yet so I can move a similar pile of doubles )in the form of starter sets usually) in the other direction. I do have an excel spreadsheet of my personal collection I can e-mail you if you want to let you know what I have. Anything NOT on that list would be something I'd e interested in trading for. Even non sports sets. The only critera would be I would want to trade for something that I have a reasonable chance to complete someday. If I have a set where I need a Gretzky or Jordan RC to complete? Most likely that is not happening.

    My e-mail addy is if you want that list. Thank you.

    God Bless - Billy
    God Bless - Billy
    E-mail - BHK5150@AOL.COM

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