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Thread: 1958 Topps Baseball FS

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    1958 Topps Baseball FS

    Combined into new thread.

    Thanks! Rich
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    Hi Rich, I can use a bunch of 1958 commons looking for at least EX , OC is ok, 80/20 is about as far as i go.
    I'm collecting vintage sports cards mostly baseball and hockey.

    Currently working on 1958 , 1972 and 1973 Topps Baseball sets

    also working on 1972 Topps Football

    lastly working on 1966-67 , 1967-68 and 1971-72 Topps Hockey sets

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    PM sent.

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    Bumping for the new list.

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    Would you be interested in trading? Have a Lazard auto I could throw your way in a deal.

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    I actually have a version of that auto, already. But, I do prefer to sell these, anyway. Thanks for the offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_rich_r View Post
    I actually have a version of that auto, already. But, I do prefer to sell these, anyway. Thanks for the offer.
    Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it. (actually a diehard Hawkeye fan and trying to figure out how a eastern Iowa guy became a Cyclone.?)

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    I grew up in west central Iowa and graduated from there.

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    I'm interested in these. How much?

    17--Felix Mantilla VG, lt crease $3
    51--Del Rice EXMT $6
    58--Art Schult VG $3
    92--Clint Courtney EXMT $9
    103--Jerry Lynch EXMT $9
    106--Dick Schofield EX $6
    110--Johnny Logan EXMT $9
    114--Irv Noren EX $4
    117--Frank Torre VG $2.50
    140--Wes Covington EXMT $6
    142--Enos Slaughter EX $12
    147--Don McMahon VG faded color $3
    154--Harry Byrd VG off center side to side $2.50
    156--Dick Hyde VG lt crease off center side to side $2.50
    174--Kansas City Athletics Team VG some lt pencil marks on back $4
    207--Solly Hemus EX $4
    212--Bubba Phillips EXMT $6
    223--Andy Pafko Ex $4
    224--Bob Grim Ex $4
    225--Billy Goodman EXMT $6
    232--Reno Bertoia VG $2.50
    234--Carl Sawatski EX $4
    243--Larry Raines EX $4
    245--Frank Lary VG/EX $3
    247--Casey Wise EXMT $6
    250--Roy Sievers VG lt crease/great corners $2.50
    251--Warren Hacker VG/EX $2.50
    252--Bob Trowbridge EX+ $5
    254--Alex Gramma VG $2.50
    265--Pete Runnels VG $2.50
    274--Rocky Bridges EX $4
    280--Jimmy Piersall EXMT $12
    283--Ray Shearer VG/EX $3
    286--Gino Cimoli EX $4
    289--Series Hurling Rivals Burdette/Shantz VG $3
    290--Dick Donovan EX+ $5
    295--Minnie Minoso EXMT $20
    299--Harry Simpson EX $4
    300--League Presidents VG $5
    301--Randy Jackson EX $4
    304--Tigers Big Bats Kuenn and Kaline VG lt crease $10
    306--Whammy Douglas EX+ slightly oc top to bottom $5
    309--Gail Harris EX $4
    313--Bob Rush EX $4
    314--Dodgers Boss and Power Snider/Alston EX $25
    315--Bob Friend EX+ $5
    316--Tito Francona EX $4
    318--Frank House VG $2
    321--Sluggers Supreme Kluszewski and Williams EX $50
    323--Elmer Valo VG $2.50
    327--Chicago Cubs Team VG some pencil marks on checklist $5
    329--Bob Cerv EX+ $5
    330--Ed Bailey EX $4
    331--Pedro Ramos VG $2.50
    332--Ed King EXMT $6
    334--Mound Aces Friend/Turley VG $5
    335--Ruben Gomez VG $2.50
    337--Hank Aguirre VG/EX $3
    341--Pittsburgh Pirates Team EX unmarked $8
    344--Bob Porterfield EX $4
    346--Bob Pilko EX+ $5
    347--Don Rudolph EX $4
    348--Chico Fernandez VG/EX $3
    349--Murray Dickson EX $4
    352--Herb Score VG $3
    354--Art Ditmar EX $4
    360--Roy McMillan NRMT $8
    364--Earl Battey EXMT $6
    365--Tom Morgan VG $2
    367--Jack Urban EXMT $6
    368--Rocky Colavito VG lt crease $15
    369--Ralph Lumenti EXMT $6
    372--Don Carwell EX+ $5
    373--Joe Pignatano EX $4
    380--Charley Maxwell EX $4
    385--Wilmer Mizell VG/EX $3
    393--Tony Kubek VG $9
    402--Bobby Gene Smith EX $4
    405--Ken Aspromonte EX $4
    419--Bobby Shantz EXMT, but OC both ways $6
    425 Sam Esposito EXMT $6
    431--Gene Conley EX $4
    434--Harvey Kuenn VG Print marks on front $2.50
    436--Rival Fence Busters Mays/Snider EX $50
    439--Ray Narleski EX $4
    445--Bob Smith EX $4
    446--Carroll Hardy Short Print EX+ $12
    452--Roman Mejias EXMT $6
    453--Tom Qualters EX $4
    457--Milt Pappas EX 2 print marks on front $4
    458--Julio Becquer EXMT $6
    462--Gary Geiger Short Print EX+ $12
    463--Vito Valentinetti EX+ $5
    469--Don Ferrarese EX $4
    470--RC Stevens EXMT $6
    471--Lenny Green EX $4
    472--Joe Jay EX $4
    475--All Star Managers Stengel/Haney VG crease $7
    476--Stan Musial AS NRMT $50
    477--Bill Skowron AS EXMT $6
    478--Johnny Temple AS NRMT $8
    480--Eddie Mathews AS EXMT $22
    488--Hank Aaron AS EX off center side to side $30
    489--Jackie Jensen AS EX+ $5
    490--Ed Bailey AS EX+ $5
    491--Sherm Lollar AS EXMT $6
    492--Bob Friend AS EX+ $5
    493--Bob Turley AS VG $2.50
    494--Warren Spahn AS EXMT $18

    PM works best.


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    321 is gone.

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