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    Well, it is finally coming to an end. The longest aircraft carrier deployment since the cold war will conclude in a couple weeks. Spending a few days in Hawaii for a last port stop before we hit the main land. April 1st, 2019 seems so long ago, but sort of went by fast. Hope all of you are doing well?


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    Yes! Welcome back and have a fun time in Hawaii as u and your shipmates deserve it!! Should be back in time for 2020 Topps series I coming out on Feb 5! Best regards, David
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    Well deserved. While you are on the beach, please remember us people in the midwest where the windchill is -9 degrees.
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    David K-- Thanks. I bought into the Topps break, so I'm looking forward to that also.


    Neemann -- Thanks. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to the cold weather when I return to Virginia, or my trip up to visit my wife and daughters in MI.

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    Welcome back friend! Thankful for you and your service!


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    Great to hear that you are back safe and sound with all of your shipmates.

    Thanks for keeping us all safe. This patriotic American is truly grateful.

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    Best wishes Billy. I think an invite for fantasy Baseball will be coming in about a month. It seems like they open around Feb 1. Dave

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    Thanks everyone. It feels good to be back on this side of the world and will feel better in a week. Looking forward to trading again soon and starting fantasy baseball.


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