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Thread: February 2020 Show Off Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by metsman1986 View Post
    That is a super nice card, David! Love the GU bat..........Not know for his hitting though; career .110 batting average...........
    But its not a common item for a pitcher! Most gu items for pitchers would be piece of jersey and rarely would it be a piece of bat!
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    2020 Topps Gavin Lux SP photo variation out of a Walgreens hanger made up for the yellows not being all that great.
    Derek Jeter collector 600 cards 18 game used 1 auto and 1 autograph jersey

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    Severino by Darryl Crum II, on Flickr
    I collect a little bit of everything...Always looking for Thome's that I dont have.

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