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    Need 2020 Topps

    Time to start on my 2020 "Award Winners" project. Need 2020 (and only 2020) cards of these players. If parallels exist, only need one of any of them.

    M Trout need 6 different cards (have topps 1, '85, decade's best)
    C Yelich need 3 different cards ( have topps 143,200)
    Y Alvarez need3 different cards ( have topps 276)
    P Alonso need 3 different cards ( have topps 53,350)
    J Verlander need 3 different cards (have topps 345)
    J DeGrom need 3 different cards ( have topps 332)
    C Bellinger need 4 different cards (have topps 50)

    Silver Slugger winners. Need card to show "offensive" action or portrait with bat
    Greinko, Realmuto, Freeman, Albies, Story
    Cruz, Garver, Bregman, Betts, Springer

    Gold Glove winners. Need card to show "defensive" action or portrait with glove
    Grienke, Realmuto, Rizzo, Wang, Arenado, Ahmed, Perlta, Cain
    Leake, Perez, Olson, Sanchez, Chapman, Linder, Gordon, Betts

    Have these Topps S1 to trade
    base 9,14,18,21,25,30,38,41,44,48,53,54,55,56 ,57,58,59,72,77,80,84,89,95,100,102,106, 110,117,118,119,130,132,135,136,138,
    145,153,163,166,171,179,180,185,187,189, 191,192,203,217,231,235,240,245,265,273, 275,277,286,287,288,296,298,304,
    305,306,311,315,319,321,323,324,343,346, 349

    sp 175 f thomas
    decade's best 71 pedro
    rookie card retro rc logo medallion ha aaron (please make it a big enough trade to justify $4 shipping)
    turkey red 3,68,71,78,84,88,93
    topps chrome turkey red 81 Molina
    Hoskins 10
    foil 142

    And have these 2020 Topps Heritage to trade
    '71 news flashbacks mariner mars orbit nf-12
    candlestick park 1965 mays
    base 9,28,32,36,49,52,55,67,70,90,114,121,128 ,168,172,179,180,197,204,205,210,222,228 ,235,247,
    sp 488

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    Looking for HOF Gued and Autos. I trade bv:bv, more or less. Heavily your way if you want my base, inserts, parallells

    Trading in the US only

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