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Thread: Trade Manager Issues

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    Trade Manager Issues

    A bunch of Code appears when I go to the TM I can scroll down to see the trades but when I tried to confirm a recent one I can hit accept but then code appears and the trade does not process is the site doing an update that has not taken yet?
    Derek Jeter collector 600 cards 18 game used 1 auto and 1 autograph jersey

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    same here cant access trade manager same issue

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    Same here
    Unofficial Frank Thomas Super Collector!
    Autographs:3 Cards, 2 8x10's,1 Baseball
    Around 1200 cards and climbing!
    Also looking for White Sox Allen&Ginter Relics, Gordon Beckham, Mark Buehrle and Paul Konerko

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    Wasn't like that for me this morning, but now it is screwed up too.




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    Reminds me of a movie...with Reeves.......The Martix???
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    Oh my god....we're all hooked up to machines to power the world run by aliens!!
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    In Memory of Our friend and Bench moderator Randy Martin Aka fatboycards 1963 to 2011. Sat contest for Ronald Acuna Jr. auto 068/199 2019 Topps Museum Archival auto has been posted!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David K. View Post
    Reminds of a movie...with Reeves.......The Martix???
    More like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure....

    Would like to make trades worthy of the BB mailer........Trying to avoid PWE trades......

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    lol David K
    "Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last...
    Tomorrow is Not Promised

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    Solar flares.... Butch

    (1st) Any serial #'d baseball cards. Not just Pirates only.

    (2nd)#1 Josh Bell, Bryan Reynolds, possible others--G. Polanco, J. Taillon.

    NOTE: Cards will be mailed on Saturday unless stated otherwise.

    NOTE: I will respond as soon as I am able. This is my hobby

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    Yea what's with the Ginter Code.
    Main collecting interests: Topps sets, Johan Santana (Twins only), and MN sports teams.

    Trade page:

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    Not working for me either.
    -Brian Orakpo, Sean Taylor, and Craig Kimbrel Super Collector!
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    A lot of things are not working right since the last outage. I have 2 trade I cannot complete, I have the same issue as the traders above. Also missing when you click
    on (profile icon) is the list of trades you had per month on a rolling monthly calendar. Another missing issue is the total amount of trades you have that is usually
    under your status on the left side of the screen. I am hoping that someone is working on this and it would be nice to hear an update on what is happening. Hope this
    does not offend anyone that is working on the issues.

    Players I collect:
    C.Jones, J.Smoltz, C.Ripken Jr., N.Ryan, G.Maddux, T.Glavine, H.Aaron, Ronald Acuna, Ozzie Albies

    Also Any Tribute Base (2012 Tribute is complete)

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    On a side note, what is this chatroom thing at the bottom now?

    (Have same problem with the trade manager as well)

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    I have asked Champs96WS to look at the code on the TM. Yes there have been a few issues since the last server update, but that is beyond the control of The Bench. Pete is aware.

    Thanks for your patience.
    PLEASE NOTE I am only able to ship on Saturdays
    Set builder 1970 - now - Topps, Fleer (original), Donruss, Score and UD

    Collecting all Tommy John cards not listed on my Havelist at my www.
    Please no PWE

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    After you click on the Trade Manager and you see the screen full of text, allow it time to turn from white to brown. Then keep scrolling down. You should see the Trade Manager info. It worked that way with each click as I went into the details as well.

    Hope it works for everyone else!


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