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Thread: Bench Members Fantasy Baseball Draft will be May 3, 2020 7PM

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    Bench Members Fantasy Baseball Draft will be May 3, 2020 7PM

    The latest information has the MLB season opening on April 9, 2020. With that change, I am moving the draft date back 2 weeks also. Information about the Coronavirus is changing rapidly. So watch for further updates. As of now the Bench Members Baseball draft will be April 5, 2020 at 7PM. Let us pray that this virus gets contained. My daughter who works as a nurse, says the clinic can not even get masks because of the high demand. If things change with opening day again, there may be another change in the draft date. I want everyone to have the latest information when they draft, as I am expecting that some players will test positive.

    Edit Draft date changed 3/21/2020. The title of this thread has been updated.
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    The draft will be May 3, 2020 7PM. Yahoo has updated some dates. The season is now scheduled to start on May 7, 2020. They have opened up days to draft closer to first pitch, so the date of our draft have changed again. Good health everyone.

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    The draft will proceed as scheduled on May 3, 2020 at 7PM CDST. I think the season start date has been pushed back to June, but the draft will not change again. I hope you all can make it.

    Thanks, Dave

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