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Thread: 2020 card issues

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    2020 card issues

    I'm not into newer cards but I am wondering if the Corona virus situation will make this year's cards much more scarce? I cannot imagine card companies are still printing cards since nothing quite says "non essential" more than "sports cards" does. Plus, a lot of manufacturing facilities are transitioning into more essential items like masks and ventilators. I wonder if this will make this year's issues much more scarce than other recent years? Any thoughts on this?

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    Just saw something on Beckett this week that the facility in Texas was shut down, which will lead to delays in the topps products later in the year
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    If there is no season this year, it will make for some very interesting photos on the cards for the 2021 series and what will 2020 stat line say?


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    [QUOTE=Kirbyfan34;3934494]Just saw something on Beckett this week that the facility in Texas was shut down, which will lead to delays in the topps products later in the year[/QUO

    I wonder about the plant in Duryea, Pa (assuming there is still one there) with the virus really ravaging the Northeast?

    What makes this situation interesting is if there is a shortage of certain products it is for a particular reason, in this case the virus pandemic. When Topps short printed their high numbers back in the day it was not to purposely create a scarce product but rather was a legitimate business decision because of lower demand for a late season product. Today card companies actually artificially manufacture scarcity with SPs and serial numbered cards. But if this year's products are scarce it will be for a legitimate reason and would make their potential higher value more legit in my opinion..

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    Rumor is that Topps series II will still be releasing in June. Normally there are some decent RC's in series II that got called up early in the season - don't think they would be able to make that happen if they intend on keeping the release date.

    Which than begs the question - what do they do with Update?? Have to assume that it would be loaded with RC's?? I mentioned in another thread that series II jumbos are pre-selling right now at $165/box, which seems completely outrageous, especially since there is no clue what the checklist will look like.
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    Topps Factory closed down and this includes Panini ....last product is Tribute...............
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