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Thread: How did you find THE BENCH???

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    Knight302 sent me an email containing the link. This is by far better than the trade section on the Beckett website. I have been here a little over two weeks and have done several trades. This site is what we make of it. So far so good as far as I am concerned.


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    Through eBay's Sports Forum

    I entered a post mentioning where I can find some online sites where I can Trade Online. James (JamesNevans) recommended this site and I joined and now I'm hooked!

    Sets I'm Working On
    2009 Topps Chrome Football - Master Set (Going to need a lot of help hehe)
    2003/04 Topps Chrome Basketball Set (Need Lebron RC)
    Player Collections
    Chris Mullin - Warriors/Pacers (Serial #/Auto/Jersey/Patch/GU)
    49ers - 80's/90's Legends and Current Players (Serial #/Auto/Jersey/Patch/GU)

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    i can barley remember it was months ago i vaugly remember how i found it i think it was either you pete or troy that directed me to it on the topps site which i have not been back to more than 3 times since lol this place has been very productive with trades and sales im glad i was lead to this site

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    The Bench

    I think another trader referred me?


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    I started on and met CJ (cardsforsets). She recommended the Bench to me. I found it and left my wife for it.....just kidding. During Christmas Vacation, I started trading like a madman (even had Champs concerned about me). I dont remember my first trade (those 2 weeks are a blur from lack of sleep LOL) But I haven't stopped since

    I will not go anywhere else, why should I when I have the friends I have established here. A tight knit community, like a family (minus the head nuggies)


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    I found the Bench from someone on the Fleerbullpen baseball card forum, sure glad I did!!!
    Collecting Mike Trout.

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    I told my trading buddy, Duane Jackson (hdjstuff) how frustated I was getting with some other site, he recommended The Bench and I have not used anything else since. My son got me hooked and as he starts to lose interest, I find myself picking it up even more.
    Edwin Houthuijzen,
    I build sets and my kids collect Ken Griffey jr, Nomar Garciaparra , Alex Rodriguez,Derek Jeter, and Barry Zito
    Topps T-205 mini's Drum backs.

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    Always looking for:
    Dave Kreig--Steve Largent--Josh Gibson--Edgar Martinez

    1967 Topps commons NM/MT
    Pre 1986 Topps commons NM/MT
    2006 Jerome Harrison
    2000 Shaun Alexander
    Any Refractors or Retrofractors
    Set needs

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    How I found "The Bench"

    I think it was through a link on the "Newsgroup"

    Who said those Newsgroup were

    I use to check the NG and sometime Beckett. Until I came here I had made about 2 trades on the net.

    Now between here and SportsCardSherriff I have about 50 trades in the last 6 months.

    This is a lot since I don't buy any new products (no stores in the region).

    I love "The Bench" and also love the Chat. I was one of many, I am sure, that suggested to Pete he should have some kind of Chat room to start and/or complete trades.

    Thank you very much to all traders,


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    search engine of top 100 sites off another trade club needless to say i have quit to be w/the best
    The Bench Resident Penn State Collector

    *Penn State Topps Collection 376/426 61.25%

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    Hi, I got here recommended my NY JEterfan, I was trying to make atrade with him on antoher boards and he told me "If you dont join The Bench I wont trade with you" LOL. Just kidding,
    just told me he hanged out more in here so I came here and registered,
    its a very nice place, I like It

    Ricardo Felix

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    I was just referred by NYJeterFan from another board. He said to check it out and see if the guys here can help me with a card that I need. Looks like an excellent site.

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    Ebay and the person who post the comments about The Bench was kick off--kjamidon

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    How did you find THE BENCH???

    I found The Bench through the newsgroups. I think Peter was posting something, so I clicked the link.


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    OK, I've been trading on Topps for the last year and finally decided to go someplace where there was some structure. RyanL24 sent me here. I've been here for only a couple of days, but I am very impressed with how well organized this site is. Thanks to all who made this site available.

    Barry Bonds is a CHUMP!!!

    I want your A's Auto's!

    I want 1968 Topps!

    I want all Rich Harden Cards!


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