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Thread: How did you find THE BENCH???

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    I've been trading on (robh64 if you go there) for a few months. I followed a link from Bob Puetz home page (who I have completed two trades with) to the Bench. Found Jason's want list (lprimus) and away we go.

    BTW: I use to trade on before there was a web (89-93ish). News reader on my unix box (at work!). Got my 75 starter set from Doug Hutchcraft (still out there somewhere?) which I am down to about 10 cards to go. Took 8 years off from collecting (kids just eat all your time) so I have some catching up to do ...

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    Fellow trader Yeoy65, mentioned it to me on the Beckett board.

    Collecting and buying Ellsbury, Pedroia, Okajima, Dice-k, Justin Masterson, Michael Bowden, & Jed Lowrie.

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    brunell8 had a link in his sig over at SportsCardForum and I'd heard about this place before so I decided to check it out.
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    Thumbs up Thanks, jrusso21!

    Traded with James on the Beckett board, and he recommended. Looks good so far!
    Looking for (in this order):
    1) I don't have any idea what I'm trading for. Just stuff I like
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    heard about it from other people on another trading site

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    Hello All!!

    Hi. My name is Pete and I'm from Stroudsburg, PA. I first visited the Topps Forum, just by chance. I've since heard of some who frequent this site. I enjoy collecting, but wish I had more time to put into it. I've become interested in trying to put together older Topps sets, i.e. early 70's. I'm interested in dealing my non-topps baseball sets and football, basketball, etc. I have not dealt much with high-end stuff, but I'm hoping that there are at least a few out there who may be interested in some of my stuff. thanks,
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    I heard about this site from another trading forum. Thought I'd check things out. I havent done and trading or anything yet but by the looks of things I'm sure I will....Great site!!!

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    I read a post by Troy a few years back on the message boards.

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    Thumbs up

    heard about it through the Topps message board ( I believe ),
    so far I am impressed and look forward to utilizing site many times

    Steve Archer

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    Decided to get back into baseball cards after many years. Joined Topps and heard about the Bench there. Met some nice people at Topps but real tired of a select few there.

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    Thanks for the invitation!

    I found the site while posting a request for other baseball card sites besides ebay, Beckett, or Naxcom!
    Although, I still check out their sites daily, they are on an auction zone, so they don't do enough changing in their daily format, which makes it harder to find some of the more desired cards for those sets that you want filled.
    I am collecting the Pinnacle Mint, 1997 and 1998 Baseball cards, and they are one of the toughest sets to build that I have tried to put together so far.
    I have had some responses on this site and I have been here less than 3 days, so , to me, that means that I am getting out there to you baseball card fans and getting my messages glanced over.
    Although, I haven't found the cards on my post yet, anyone who has some of the Pinnacle Mint , Gold Mint or Silver Mint cards that I need, I will be glad to trade or buy from them.
    I do not know if I am going about this the right way but I am a quick learner, and I believe that I will love this site more than any that I have found because of the positive responses that I have seen from all of the other members.
    Thanks for the invitation from another member of this site!

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    Cool How did u find the BENCH?

    i was lookin around and i saw the bench so i looked what it was

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    I was looking through Bob's site and he said something about The Bench. I just got into Trading cards about a month ago and so far everything has gone Well. So I figured I would try Trading on the Bench. I'm A Mark McGwire Collector. Hope to meet alot of New people and do some good Trading!!!

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    there was a link on Haster CT's site and i came here
    i like it a lot more than

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    Hi Peter. Thanks for asking. I just started On-Line learning the different Sites and Ways of Trading. Now I've been trading with a few people and It's worked out really well. I actually stumbled upon this site and was going through some different things and It looks like a really cool site. I collect Mark McGwire's and I have a few Card's to do some trading with. I really appreciate your asking me. Hope all goes Well. Thank You Sincerely, John

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