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Thread: How did you find THE BENCH???

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    I found out about the bench from a member's webpage.

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    I heard about it on the Beckett message boards.

    Robin Yount Collector (LMK what you have)
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    Brewers that I need. Please take a look.

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    A trader on the topps msg board directed me to The Bench. He said there was "less crap" here, and he was right.

    My address is in the trade manager and you will be able to see it when our trade is confirmed.

    I build sets and collect Phillies.

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    Found NYNANA web page, contacted her and she told me about The Bench.

    I have over 10,000 cards listed for trade on my www

    Set Needs: Please check my "set needs" on the home page of my www

    Players collected: Bryan Reynolds, Kevin Newman

    I can sometimes be slow to respond. Please be patient! This is a hobby!

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    Found it on someone's web page @ Peggy's

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    Here's the story: I was originally a member of the Topps forums for a little time and asked if there were any other good trading sites out there. I was directed here to the Bench, which I liked WAAAY better than anything else because of the organized forums and no BS from its members.
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    I found out about it on Topps as well.


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    new member

    My name is Kevin , my user name is Kidd, and I heard about the Bench from another member, nottleynative !!
    I heard that this site is really great for all of my collecting needs.
    I have only been trading person to person with whoever I could find to trade with, which brought me to Ulric, who in turn , shared his knowledge of this site.
    I have thousands of cards, from all sports, and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone that I can in the trade field, (honest traders only).
    I am sure that , although I am green, I will soon get aged here.
    Thanks for accepting me!

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    Found the Bench

    I was surfing the web looking for some 1991 & 1992 Cracker Jacks cards that came with the product. I found a site called Pam's Cards and she was also collecting these. She told me about the bench although I have no idea what her name is on this site.

    Thanks Pam, if your still out there.


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    I believe i heard about the bench while on the topps forums one day, came over and joined and started trading. I know find myself trading even more and more everyday here at the bench and have narrowed my sites i trade on to just a couple instead of the 7 i used to trade on. This has to be the greatest group of traders i have ever dealt with. On some sites you kinda worry about whether you will recieve your cards from the trade but not here.
    I haven't been here as long as alot of the traders here but seems like one of my first trade if not the first was with Shepherd and it truly was a pleasure to deal with him as it has been with the countless other traders i have dealt with. I look forward to many,many more trades here on the bench. Thanks to all the guys that make this such a great site to trade on and for all their hard work they put into this site.
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    I found it on...

    I read an article on TUFF STUFF magazine and had this as one of the top 5 sports web addresses out there. I looked at all the web sites and this one was the coolest so I signed up

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    some1 told me to join so i did lol

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    I found out about it from the Topps boards.
    Topps Regular Base set builder. Currently working on 1969-1972.

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    Does anybody have a link to the article in Beckett mentioning the site? I know it's been a while, just wondering....BTW, found the Bench by searching Yahoo for "Trading cards site" and found the group "Baseball cards on the bench".

    Only collecting Nolan Ryan and vintage/GU of Mickey Mantle.

    Always looking for Nintendo and Super Nintendo games and consoles! Buying or trading sports cards for them.

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    Hey Tim

    Taking your advice...

    Found the Bench from an ad at

    NOTE: I am not buying or trading cards at this time

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