View Full Version : 2010-11 In the Game 'Between the Pipes'

03-10-2011, 08:57 AM
Per CharmCityCards.com:

This release is due in the week of 4/11. Each sealed box contains 18 packs of 9 cards each in a 200 card set. >>> Each box contains TWO Memorabilia card and TWO Autograph cards. Inserts: Guarding the Bleu Blanc et Rouge Net, Guarding the Blue and White Net, Their Country`s Finest, Inspired Mask, 100 Years of Hockey Card Collecting, Deep In The Crease, Masked Men III 1:8, Memorabilia cards 1:8 (including Game-Used Jersey, Game-Used Number, Game-Used Emblem, Golden Goalies, Full Gear Quadruple; Ready, Willing and Able, School Is Out, and Showdown), Autograph cards 1:8, and `He Shoots, He Scores` redemption program cards (accumulate 200 points from this release and you are eligible to receive a special Game-Used memorabilia card not available in packs).

Our Price! - $ 89.00