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03-26-2011, 11:17 AM
Topps206: Baseball's Most Famous Cards Return for 2011!

A Celebration of Baseball Card History Returns!

The eTopps T-206 Tribute has continued to be embraced by collectors of all sorts, and eTopps is now proud to celebrate the start of the 2011 MLB season by expanding this special tribute to the most famous baseball cards of all time even further, with the continuation of the eTopps T-206 Set! This special limited collect! ion will highlight all-time baseball greats in the classic T-206 "Base Ball Series" trading card design of 1909!

The entire set will be beautifully designed and delivered via the classic Topps T-206 brand (even staying true to the original T-206 size and backs), but brought to life on stunning eTopps technology. This series will showcase the greatest baseball players of the 20th Century, such as Hank Aaron, as well as current MLB players such as Buster Posey, along with reproductions of players from the original T-206 series, including Walter Johnson!

We will only offer each card in very limited numbers. These cards will be sequentially numbered and individually encased!

How to order:

The first eTopps T-206 cards from this group will be available via online offering at 1:00PM on Monday, March 28, 2011. In the weeks that follow, additional eTopps T-206 Tribute cards will be offered, leading up to the start of the 2011 eTopps Baseball season in mid-April. Just like all eTopps cards, each card will be individually encased*.

*While the eTopps T-206 cards differ in size from regular eTopps cards, they will continue to be encased in our standard sized eTopps tamper-evident, plastic case with eTopps sticker. The cards will be placed into a fitted frame and then fixed inside of the case.

Be sure to visit eTopps on Monday, March 28! The first group of special limited edition cards go on sale at 1PM EDT and are available th! rough Monday, April 4, at 3AM EST. You don't want to miss out.the first eTopps T-206 Tribute set - and many of the individual cards that followed - sold out in minutes!!

As always, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at 'support@etopps.com' if you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions. A customer service representative will be available to assist you between the hours of 9:00am - 4:30pm (ET), Monday through Friday.

Thank you once again for your continued support of eTopps!

The eTopps Team