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03-05-2013, 03:20 PM
2012 Topps Supreme - N F L

1 'box' with 4 cards

I received these 4 cards...

2 'base' cards #ed to 462

Nick Toon
Frank Gore

Gold Parallel #ed to 75


Steve Young

Auto #ed to 85


Doug Martin


Topps Supreme NFL is in my humble opinion definitely an issue for the player collector. The set builder will have one heck of a time completing this set. In Orlando, the one pack boxes are going for $100 to $115 per box/pack.

I do very much like the fact that all of the cards are numbered in this premium issue (at least all of the cards that I received.) The front is a bit 'busy' for my taste. I would prefer a design that does not detract from the HD photo. The reverse is simple in design and I rather like the reverse of the cards. The reverse has the card #, team logo, player name, stats (personal and playing), and a short write up of a career highlight. The cards are very thick - equal to 3 regular base cards - just about a 7 on the scale to really mess up the spokes on a bicycle!!

The auto - (not everyone gets an auto - lots of folks receive a piece of game used jersey) is a sticker. In a premium issue, such as this one, the auto should be on the card. Having said that, the Martin sticker auto is clean and the card is designed for the sticker.

Overall grade -- B+ too pricey for too few cards and a sticker auto to boot.

Go buy several packs/boxes and send the Tebows to me....