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Thread: ***NEW MEMBERS: Please read! ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-206 View Post
    Is there a way to look up posts that I have posted on? If so how do I do that? Sorry I went to the link you posted and I did not see it if there was a link. I know I am new and will probley have alot more questions in the future and hope to be an asset to The Bench and not a burden
    The three help suggestions will answer most of your questions, but specifically click on the profile button on one of your posts like the one above this reply. You can see that there is an option to check all posts by this user which will accomplish what you want. Same goes if you just want to see your threads. You can click on the main banner button's User CP to see other options you want to incorporate such as view your subscibed threads to keep track of threads you have a specific interest in.
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    Thank you both

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    New to the board from Houston, TX

    Robert from Houston, TX.

    I am new to the board. Look forward to growing my trading card collection.

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    Go to collectorskip's ebay items

    Welcome to The Bench and happy trading.
    On small trades I use PWE but'll use a bubble mailer if you ask.
    Slow trader. Please be patient: I love trading, but I don't have enuf time for it, so it takes me a while.

    Check my site: for wants and trade items.
    "CMB"'s will be ignored. Sorry.

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    im new

    hey guys im new and ready to trade.
    i want longoria auto rookies
    steph curry auto
    and everything else lol
    here is my bucket

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    thanks for posting this. - Nick
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    PWE is fine ,if no Game Used Cards or more than 8 cards.

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    Hi Everyone,

    New to the site, but have been back into the baseball card hobby since 2012. My main PC is Barry Larkin. I am always looking for ones I don't have. Currently just over 1200 unique cards.

    Thanks for having me!
    A Barry Larkin "Supercollector"

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    RedsFan11 - Welcome to The Bench!


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    Welcome Redsfan11
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    Go Reds!!
    My trade page

    My Bucket (Note: Not everything here is for trade, just ask)

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    Welcome Reds to The Bench! Best regards, David
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    Loyalty32 pointed me this way

    Nice to meet you all.

    I've been collecting sports cards since the mid '80s after I got a box of 1986 Donruss to keep me busy on a drive to Disney World. My dad and I organized card shows all over Eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri during the 80s and early 90s before teenage pursuits pulled me away. My favorite memory of those days is spending an entire day visiting with Buck O'Neil at a Tulsa show while he signed autographs. I've met lots of athletes through the years at auto signings but Buck was different. I kept collecting sporadically until about 2002, which thankfully was long enough to stock up on the RCs of some Cardinal (now ex-Cardinal) named Albert Pujols. We even had a little shop in Tahlequah for a few years during the early 90s.

    My son just turned 6 and he's gotten really interested in baseball and Pokemon cards so I thought it was time to get my feet back into collecting as well. Wow have things changed.

    I was a voracious Ozzie Smith collector. Most of my collection is still in storage but at the time of his retirement I had 99% of the Ozzie cards listed in Beckett. I know I'm only probably 30% of the way to that now. It seems like he's had more cards produced since he retired then he did while active. I also have every regional issued card I've ever come across of him. It's been years since I counted but at one time I had about 2,200 individual cards. I also have several signed balls, photos, bats, and a glove. Throw in Starting Lineups, McFarlanes, and bobbleheads and I'm surprised my wife lets me live at our house.

    When the industry went nuts over inserts in the early 90s Dad and I focused on nothing but RCs and vintage so I managed to amass quite a collection of vintage Cardinals cards. There's a 15,000 count box in storage that is about 80% Cardinals. It wasn't ever really a focus of my collection but I've never been able to pass up vintage Cardinals cards.

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    Hello everyone!

    Had been a collector when I was really young and Kirby Puckett was still playing. Got out of trading but came back recently when Carson Wentz was drafted. Have a nice collection started and looking to expand my Wentz collection.

    Happy trading everyone!
    Carson Wentz, Dallas Goedert, Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Kyle Rudolph, Dalvin Cook, Zach Parise
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    Welcome to The Bench! Best regards, David PS Twins fan from the West Coast!! Always lived in Ca......Visalia, CA had the single A team for the Twins back in the 1960 to 2000....
    In Memory of Our friend and Bench moderator Randy Martin Aka fatboycards 1963 to 2011. Next Sat contest is March 18 and its for Tony Gwynn 2005 UD Heroes green 33/99 auto!

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    Didn't want to start a new thread so am just posting in this.

    Someone on Blowout said they are trying to sign up for an account on here but are unable to. Here is what they said:

    "Here's the error message when you click to register:

    vBulletin Message
    Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator."

    What should I tell them? Thanks.
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