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    Random Acts of Kindness!

    Random Acts of Kindness
    This is something in today society we just don't see much of anymore. I remember as a kid .I lived in a small town and people were always helping their neighbors. Well here at THE BENCH I see Random Acts of Kindness all the time. And its one of the many things I love about our site. So I decided to start this thread to let all of you who have experienced a Act such as this from a fellow trader. I know alot of the traders who do it ,dont do it for any accolades ,they do it because they love the hobby and the site. So if you have gotten something sent to you out of the clear blue ,and had no clue it was coming, share you experience with us. Looking for recent Random Acts Of Kindness. And a big Thank You to all who support our site daily.

    I will start it off with someone who has done so much to help so many traders on this site and that would be hdjstuff .Duane has helped so many of us with our collection through the box breaks he does. He knows who I collect and has sent me some real nice stuff .Duane thank you so much for taking care of us traders. And thanks to Tim aka Tal for the great Rose cards. There are many others who have shown their kindness to me. You know who you are and I appericate you all.
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