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Thread: Player Addition Requests

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    Mashburn and Weatherspoon still dont show on my log in for some reason... I even logged off and on, nothing :/
    Clarence Weatherspoon Wantlist

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    USer CP > Scroll down left hand Side "Collections" Click Players > Narrow Selection to Basketball > Mashburn, Jamal > Weatherspoon, Clarence
    Maddux Numbers: 3618/10942 different Beckett Recognized cards33.6%GU-480 AU-28 1/1 - 39
    Maddux Master Needlist - Need anything listed

    GU FT
    If you have Greg Maddux Topps Moments and Milestones FT, PLMK still need a bunch from 07 and 08 Base, Black, and Blue, and of course Red.

    BSL Chicago Cubs Owner

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    thanks mate, I was looking in the collectors list not knowing I had to nominated them in User CP... my bad!
    Clarence Weatherspoon Wantlist

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    Can I please get J.J. Barea added to the basketball collectors list?

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    Hi, could you add Kevin Love to the B-Ball list? Thanks!

    What I am looking for--
    1) BB Set Needs
    2) 73-88 Topps Football (Needs list is at bottom of Trade Page)
    3) Player Needs (BB & FB)
    4) Anything that catches my eye

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    forgive my ignorance but what is a player request?

    what is this thread for? i may be totally ignorant here but i really cannot figure out what a player request is. any help is appreciated.



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    Dock Ellis and Ernie Harwell please? Thanks.
    A. TRAMMELL: 450/1948 23.10%. I also collect Dock Ellis, Sparky Anderson, and Ernie Harwell

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    Kelly Gruber please (baseball). Thanks!

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    Would it be possible to get a #19 Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Avatar and a #32 Jay Bruce Cincinnati Reds Avatar?

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    Baseball players Tom Henke, Sam Lecure, Oscar Taveras and Dennis Higgins please.
    Collector of Albert Pujols, Joe Crede, Tom Henke, Sam LaCure, Lou Brock, Keith Hernandez and Bake McBride.

    Check out my web site.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mgm37 View Post
    Baseball players Tom Henke, Sam Lecure, Oscar Taveras and Dennis Higgins please.
    Amen about the Oscar Taveras! Best regards, David
    In Memory of Our friend and Bench moderator Randy Martin Aka fatboycards 1963 to 2011. Don't drink the Kool aid from anyone trying to rip you off with their high prices of unopen baseball products......or those people who say supply and demand are full of it.......................

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    Sean Taylor - Football Player
    Miami Hurricanes - Football Team
    Virginia Cavaliers - Football Team
    Virginia Tech Hokies - Football Team

    -Brian Orakpo, Sean Taylor, and Craig Kimbrel Super Collector!
    -Collect Braves (Acuna/Albies/Freeman/Swanson/Pache/Riley/Waters/Wright/Soroka/Touki among others), Mike Trout, Blake Snell 2016, Matt Chapman 2017 Update/Chrome Update, Roger Federer. - use the drop down box to look through all my albums

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    It would be cool if you could add the following?
    Baseball - Billy Hamilton - Cincinnati Reds
    Football - A.J. Green - Cincinnati Bengals

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    Would you please add Trey Ball to baseball?

    What I'm currently collecting:
    Sets: 2016-2018 Sets
    Team: White Sox Wants
    Players: Chris Bootcheck (unofficial super collector) / Trey Ball

    My Want and Trade Lists

    PWE is alright for up to 2 cards with maximum BV of $5.00 per card

    I also collect sets on Topps Bunt app (name CHISOXFAN2008)

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    For baseball could you please add:

    Kevin Roberson
    Jim Sundberg

    Thanks, Bill

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