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Thread: Help me figure out this autograph.

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    Help me figure out this autograph.

    I really need to start putting sticky notes on these items so I won't forget who they are

    Going from left to right I know it's Art Shamsky, ???, Gene Alley and Joe Black. Need help with the big auto in the middle.

    Thank you!

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    First name could be Gene and last name could start with a "P" or "D" but I'm not finding any former ML players that match up to that combo.
    BSL owner of the Detroit Tigers.

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    Maybe a sloppy Gaylord perry. I see he was at fan fest. But it be a rushed one....
    transformers and gi joe 1980's have a bunch LMK!

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    Glenn Beckert former Cub?
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    Phillies cards wanted - Chris Widger cards wanted (local hero)!

    I will trade your team or set fillers. I prefer to trade; I will buy as a last resort (hey, they're "trading" cards !!!) Thanks!

    PWEs are fine with me; for the most part, I back with cardboard and mark them as non-machinable. PLMK if this is a problem!!

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    Gene Baker ? 50s Cub player

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    I have to agree that it is Glenn Beckert from the other images online. Neat to see something from the 1st season at Camden Yards.
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    I think it is Beckert after looking at many images. His "B" is a little sloppier than normal but the "G" and the way the last name ends is what sold me--thanks for the help all
    BSL owner of the Detroit Tigers.

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