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    2015 Topps WWE Road To Wrestlemania Hobby Box 08/12/2015

    Product Description
    Configuration: 24 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.


    - (110) Base Cards show the events leading up to and including WrestleMania 31


    4 levels of chase add depth to the base set
    - Bronze Parallel (1:2) HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
    - Silver Parallel (1:24)
    - Gold Parallel (numbered to 10)
    - Red Parallel (1 per subject)


    Classic WrestleMania Matches
    30 of the greatest WrestleMania moments over the last 30 years

    Bizarre WrestleMania Matches
    10 cards depicting the most unique matches held at WrestleMania

    Rocking WrestleMania
    10 cards paying homage to one of the best WWE entertainers of all time, The Rock, and his WrestleMania matches

    10 cards featuring WrestleMania moments of WWE's greatest villain, Triple H

    Hall of Fame
    30 cards showcasing the top WWE Legends to have graced the Hall of Fame

    Hulk Hogan Tribute (1:6)
    10 cards celebrating 12-time World Champion Hulk Hogan, with the remaining 30 spread over the rest of the Topps WWE trading card line in 2015 With Gold Border Parallels numbered to 10 and Red Border Parallels, 1 per subject


    WWE Road to WrestleMania will feature Autographs of the hottest Superstars, Divas & Legends!

    Autographs Include:
    - Hulk Hogan
    - Daniel Bryan
    - Roman Reigns
    - Dean Ambrose
    - Dolph Ziggler
    - Bray Wyatt
    - Damien Mizdow
    - Ryback
    - Jimmy Hart

    Divas Include:
    - Brie Bella
    - Nikki Bella
    - Alicia Fox

    Plus these first-time Topps WWE signers:
    - Brock Lesnar (limited quantity)
    - Razor Ramon
    - Afa
    - Sika
    - Eden
    And more to be announced!

    Dual Autographs
    Autograph cards showcasing two separate signatures

    Autographed Printing Plates
    Printing plates used to create the autograph cards, with signed autograph stickers New!

    Jerry Lawler Sketch Cards
    1 of 1 color hand drawn original art sketch cards, signed by Lawler New!


    First-Ever NXT Swatch Relics
    Featuring white hot former NXT Champion Sami Zayn and Diva Charlotte, Ric Flair's daughter! NXT is WWE's fan-favorite minor league system, available on Hulu and WWE Network!

    Swatch Relics
    Superstar and Diva shirt swatch cards, plus WWE Legend Hulk Hogan!

    Shirts Relics Include

    First-Ever NXT Shirts
    - Sami Zayn
    - Charlotte

    WWE Legend
    - Hulk Hogan

    - Paige
    - Brie Bella
    - Nikki Bella

    - John Cena
    - Rusev
    - Roman Reigns
    - Dean Ambrose
    - Dolph Ziggler
    - Damien Mizdow
    - Ryback
    - Goldust
    - Stardust
    - Adam Rose
    - Cesaro
    - Jack Swagger

    WrestleMania 31 Mat Relics
    Pieces of the 2015 WrestleMania 31 canvas mat embedded in a card

    WrestleMania 31 Turnbuckle Pad Relics
    Pieces of the 2015 WrestleMania 31 turnbuckle pads embedded in a card New for this Series!

    Printing Plate Swatch Relics
    Pieces of NXT, Superstar, Divas and Legends' shirts embedded in the printing plate used to create the card

    Printing Plate Mat Relics
    Pieces of the WrestleMania 31 canvas mat embedded in the printing plates


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    ty for this review
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