Hi all !! I came into possession of a 1993 SP Derek Jeter Rookie. I haven't studied its condition, but for the purposes of my thread, let's assume that its worthy of professional grading.

I don't have much experience with grading services (I had a 1994 SP Alex Rodriguez graded by PSA, in person, at a show almost 20 years ago).

My concern is this...... If I decide to ship this card to, say, PSA, how do i really know that I'm getting back the same exact card that I sent ??? I'd like to be a trusting person, but lets face it, a PSA 8 Jeter goes for around $300. A PSA 9, over $3000 !!!! Huge difference! Not to mention, a rare PSA 10, $75,000 to possibly $100,000 !

As we all know, the difference between an 8 and a 9 (or a 9 and a 10) can be very miniscule, especially since PSA grades only in whole numbers.

Am I overacting to this concern, or are my issues valid?

Any suggestions or recommendations on how I can more safely go about obtaining grading?

Id appreciate any responses.

Thanks in advance,