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    Need help think I found the right thread finally

    Good afternoon gentlemen I'm trying to make a want list and trade list and would like to put this in my signature or such I'm not sure exactly how to do this actually I have no idea how to do this I just learned how to post a list on a message at this point any information you could give me would be great I would appreciate it very much thank you for your time

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    I had trouble with this when I first started too! There is an edit profile link in the forum actions drop down menu at the top of the page. From there you can edit signature, along with a lot of other stuff, using links on the left hand side of the page.

    As for getting your lists posted. Most of the folks here seem to use free web hosting to set up their lists and then put those links in the signature bar. Mine is done through the blog feature on the site, but I'm not sure if that is currently activated because there was some issue with the blogs a while back. I would suggest the website option as it is easily editable and can be used across many sites and linked in email for non-members if you do any other trading outside of The Bench.

    Hope that helps. -Andy

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