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Thread: You've been BIPPED!

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    You've been BIPPED!

    At one time I was an active trader among the collection of internet blogger community (until eventually just focusing on The Bench for my trades), and one term that is well known there -- to be "Bipped" -- is approaching its 10 year anniversary. It's one of the most feared (and most hilarious) occurrences that a trader could experience:

    It's been several years, but I too was a victim of an anonymous "Bipper" once:

    May all your trades be Bip-free (except, you know, for the ones you actually wanted)

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    We played a game in baseball camp when I was a kid where someone would throw out a set of baseball initials, and the group would have to guess who they were referring to. For example, if you said "CRJ," you'd be looking for "Cal Ripken, Jr."

    One day, a kid said "BTSR," and we were stumped for a long time... and when we gave up, he said he was looking for "Bip 'The Snake' Roberts." (After the wrestler of the same coinage, of course.)

    I will *always* think of "The Snake" as his nickname, even though it totally wasn't. LOL!
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    Jake "the snake" Roberts! Best regards, David
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    I remember reading about this trend at one point, thinking that they could have picked a better name for it. I say this because when Steve Garvey signed with the Padres after the 1982 season, my allegiance flipped over for a brief stint (until he retired). While he was in SD, the Padres had a nice stream of up and coming players. Not all made it big time, but several had a few decent seasons and some went on to have decent careers, including a couple HOFers. Those included Tony Gwynn, Kevin McReynolds, Carmelo Martinez, Shane Mack, John Kruk, Roberto & Sandy Alomar, Alan Wiggins, Benito Santiago and Leon "Bip" Roberts to name a few. I collected all of these players to some degree at the time. Bip will never be a common to me and I would not mind a package full of Bips.
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