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Thread: Topps Series 1 '20

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    Topps Series 1 '20

    Topps Series 1 '20

    Hobby box - 24 packs - 14 cards per pack
    One relic or auto per hobby box

    I received these:


    314 unique cards - or 89.7% of the 350 card set -- EXCELLENT!!

    Series One has a crisp, clean design this year. The player pics take the stage and not the graphics on the card. The front of the card is glossy and the reverse is matte finish. Card numbers are easier to read and the parallels that are numbered are numbered on the reverse of the card. The reverse also includes the complete playing stats for the player.

    Series One is again a great issue for nearly anyone who loves baseball. The set collector surely wants to pick up the base set, the player collector will want the various parallels, the insert set builder - could have a hill or two to climb, but well worth the effort. There seems to be a good ratio in this issue of base to inserts - 89% is excellent and one would think that as little as 2 boxes would render a complete base set with a good number of extras for trading.


    Gold and Foil


    Only received 2 - both numbered to 2020 - Anderson and Rodon - (David - these are yours!)


    Holt and Garcia -- not numbered...

    Seems like the gold and the foil are much more scarce this year.... I purchased a jumbo and only received 3 golds in it -- yes, David those are yours as well!!

    Decades Best

    Mays, Hunter, Clemens, Henderson

    35th Anniversary

    Arenado, Kershaw, Jones, Collins, Clemens, Mussina

    Topps Choice


    Decades Next / Topps Now

    Decades Next - Alonzo and Robles
    Topps Now - Trout and Verlander

    Homerun Challenge


    Photo Variation

    Max Chapman

    Box Topper pack

    Nolan Ryan, Ichiro, Shohei Otani, Mark McGuire


    Vlad, Jr. - #ed to 196 - 35th Anniversary --- blue Sharpee - on card!!


    Overall grade A+ -- excellent design!

    Go buy several boxes and send the Rays parallels to me!

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    Thanks for the golds Duane! Congratulations on hitting the Vlad auto!! Best regards, David
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    Please let me know if you are interested in selling the Chapman SP.
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    Thanks for the review Duane. I love this design, can't wait for series 2 and the update. Congrats on the Vlad, nice pull. Please LMK if you pulled any of these.

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    Thanks, Brett

    PS- the Adames will be on the way soon
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    Thanks for the review - great pull on the Vlad AU!

    I think the cards look great this year - looking forward to series II & update as well.

    Always seem to get reinvigorated with the collection when Series I releases and pitchers/catchers report!
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